Friday, September 20, 2013

DVD Cover: Disney - Aladdin Anthology

Lately, I just haven't been able to get creative about things.  I've got several projects that need attention, but just couldn't get into the swing of it.  To try and jump start my creative process, I decided to revisit an old hobby: DVD cover designs.  This is what got me messing around with graphic design in the first place (thanks to Ric Easton), so I thought it was an appropriate choice.

Let's get this out of the way:
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Hopefully Disney won't hunt me down, now.  OK, on to the latest design, an Anthology cover for Aladdin:

This is based on a set that a friend and I had worked on a couple of years back, wanting to make a complete set of the Disney movies in storybook-style cases. The series we worked on is done chronologically, and is just for the main canon of Disney movies.  I'm trying to make covers for the sequels as well, and design them in such a way that they can easily be incorporated into the main set design.  This image isn't 100% up-to-date, as I did go back and add a few details to the cover after making the preview.  

All-in-all, this is probably one of my favorite covers that I've made.  It just all came together very well.  The front background was actually made from two pics I found (one of the moon and clouds, and another of the palace in the evening).  I was able to take the sky around the moon and recreate it, closing the gap between the images, and giving the palace a much darker background to match.  

The back cover is done in order, since the sequel movies are actually the beginning and end of the animated series.

Look for more to match this set including Toy Story, Cars, The Little Mermaid, 101 Dalmatians, Jungle Book, The Lion King...and just any other Disney set that has a series or sequels to go along with it!

Thursday, September 19, 2013

DVD Case - How to Train Your Dragon

Our family has been hooked on these since the first movie.  I don't think we watched it until about a year after it came out, but it's fantastic.  The other follow-ups they did (The Book of Dragons, and Legend of the Boneknapper) were also great.  The series is pretty good, and our 3-year-old just loves it all.  What could be better than a story of a boy and his dragon, right?

I did this one, trying to match it closely to the aforementioned Book of Dragons, in which the people of Berk keep all they have learned about dragons...hence the title.  I left the movie logos off of the front and spine deliberately, just hoping to give it the feel of the book. 

Really, this one is just a temporary case, as the series is still ongoing, and a second movie is due to come out next year, and a third in 2016. 

I have a couple of issues to work out with the movie logos, hoping to find some that match each other a little better, but once that is done, it should be ready to upload to the site!

A few edits later, and here is the finished product:

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Custom Yu-Gi-Oh Cards - Pokemon Theme

So, I'm really letting my geek colors shine through, today.  

This past weekend, I undertook a project for a buddy of mine.  Joe got me hooked on Yu-Gi-Oh a couple of years ago.  Joe is also hooked on Pokémon, which I am not.  He has convinced me to play a couple of times, but I refuse to get addicted to another game that costs me money!  It's fun, but I prefer the mechanics of Yu-Gi-Oh.  

In an effort to help Joe get the need to play both games out of his system, I made him a set of Pokémon-themed Yu-Gi-Oh cards, and I think they turned out pretty nice!


I built a template for the cards, which very closely resembles the Yu-Gi-Oh format, and found some images of the Pokémon characters online, added backgrounds, and built the cards.  Then the fun really began.  I looked up the various cards, and tried to come up with ways to make the effects of these customs relate back to how they play in the Pokémon format.  (Several involve coin-flipping to determine effects.)

I even studied up on a bit of the storyline from the cartoon, and based some of their effects on that.  For instance, if Ash and Pikachu are on the field together, Pikachu can't be evolved.  (As they choose, in the cartoon, not to evolve Pikachu.)

Joe was impressed.  I don't have a page on the site for these yet, and a few tweaks still need to be made (like adding Nintendo to the copyright info at the bottom), but wanted to show them off.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

As One Voice - Back to Basics

The whole basis for As One Voice has been giving God praise for all that He has done, and doing it as the Body of Christ that He intends us to be.  From the beginning, I've thought of it as an offering to Him, and sought to design it in a way that all those involved will know this is something we are giving to Him, straight from us, as a gift.

On that note, the human concept of gift-giving has become a hindrance.  When we give gifts to one another, it's not fair to require the recipient to be involved in the process.  If they have to work at all for it, it feels less like a gift. 

About a week ago, God gave me what I and my family (and probably most other NCIS fans) call a "Gibbs slap."  He's given me several over the years, but the message behind this one was loud and clear: "What made you think you were supposed to do this without My help?"  He, who specializes in providing for all of our needs, whether we realize it at the time or not, does not need anything from us.  This whole project, which I had viewed as a grateful people, showing God the worship He deserves, isn't meant to benefit Him at all.  He's God, for crying out loud.  What does he truly need that we could even strive to give?  So, the project is about Him, but the project is for us.

I hadn't even realized it, but my whole approach to planning and organizing this event had been skewed by my own desire for control.  Before setting a date, I wanted to gain input from churches that wanted to be involved, hoping that by doing so, it would help people feel more involved, and give them a greater desire to take part, and encourage others to join.  I wanted to get the whole thing aired on the radio, making it that much easier for people to connect to the service. (I still believe this will happen eventually, we just haven't arrived at that thread, yet!)

I've been feeling rather inspired, lately.  I'm inspired by Steve Wiens, and his upcoming run from one rim of the Grand Canyon to the other.  I'm inspired that through this insane effort, he hoped to raise $50,000, in a month's time, for Eyes That See, a more-than-worthwhile charity helping women in Ethiopia escape human trafficking.  Steve credits himself as a lunatic, and I totally agree.  It's utter lunacy to believe that much money could be raised in such a short time. Steve posted an entry titled We Did It! a few days ago.  Guess what?  We serve a God who has a heart for lunatics.  A week before his run (which takes place this coming Sunday), the donations have totaled over $51,000.  Guess what God can do, and what His people can do when they band together?

So, here's a slightly new take on the whole process: A big step out in faith.  I'm going to set a date, and I'm going to pray, and I'm going to watch in amazement as He begins to put all the pieces together for this to happen.  

Care to join me?

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