Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Custom Yu-Gi-Oh Cards - Pokemon Theme

So, I'm really letting my geek colors shine through, today.  

This past weekend, I undertook a project for a buddy of mine.  Joe got me hooked on Yu-Gi-Oh a couple of years ago.  Joe is also hooked on Pokémon, which I am not.  He has convinced me to play a couple of times, but I refuse to get addicted to another game that costs me money!  It's fun, but I prefer the mechanics of Yu-Gi-Oh.  

In an effort to help Joe get the need to play both games out of his system, I made him a set of Pokémon-themed Yu-Gi-Oh cards, and I think they turned out pretty nice!


I built a template for the cards, which very closely resembles the Yu-Gi-Oh format, and found some images of the Pokémon characters online, added backgrounds, and built the cards.  Then the fun really began.  I looked up the various cards, and tried to come up with ways to make the effects of these customs relate back to how they play in the Pokémon format.  (Several involve coin-flipping to determine effects.)

I even studied up on a bit of the storyline from the cartoon, and based some of their effects on that.  For instance, if Ash and Pikachu are on the field together, Pikachu can't be evolved.  (As they choose, in the cartoon, not to evolve Pikachu.)

Joe was impressed.  I don't have a page on the site for these yet, and a few tweaks still need to be made (like adding Nintendo to the copyright info at the bottom), but wanted to show them off.

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