Thursday, September 19, 2013

DVD Case - How to Train Your Dragon

Our family has been hooked on these since the first movie.  I don't think we watched it until about a year after it came out, but it's fantastic.  The other follow-ups they did (The Book of Dragons, and Legend of the Boneknapper) were also great.  The series is pretty good, and our 3-year-old just loves it all.  What could be better than a story of a boy and his dragon, right?

I did this one, trying to match it closely to the aforementioned Book of Dragons, in which the people of Berk keep all they have learned about dragons...hence the title.  I left the movie logos off of the front and spine deliberately, just hoping to give it the feel of the book. 

Really, this one is just a temporary case, as the series is still ongoing, and a second movie is due to come out next year, and a third in 2016. 

I have a couple of issues to work out with the movie logos, hoping to find some that match each other a little better, but once that is done, it should be ready to upload to the site!

A few edits later, and here is the finished product:

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