Thursday, October 17, 2013

As One Voice - God's Schedule

I think we've become scheduleaholics.  School schedules, work schedules, sports schedules, child #1's schedule, child #2's schedule, doctors appointments, night classes, TV schedules, sometimes even church schedules...where does it end?  We are drowning in them, completely dependent on them, and want nothing more than the freedom of escape from them!

"Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, 
for tomorrow will worry about itself. 
Each day has enough trouble of its own."
 ~ Matthew 6:34's almost as if the Lord knew exactly what He was talking about.  How about that.

God's will doesn't change, but his plans for us vary throughout the day.  God isn't wishy-washy, or undecided about His will for us.  He just has a bigger plan than you or I could begin to understand.  

Our schedule says "God, here is what you want me to do, and here is how I am going to do it.  Today, I'm going to do this.  For the next week, I'm going to finish this.  In about a month, this part will be done, then on to the next.  Within 75 days, I will have this goal you set for me all tied up with a little bow on top.  Sound good to you?  Great, thanks for listening."  

God's schedule says "Yeah...I commend your initiative, but that's not how this is going to happen.  I've got a million things going in the background that are going to help direct you in one way or another, know....take a breath and give it a minute.  I'll let you know when to move, just keep your eyes on me.  I promise, it will be better this way."  

The more we plan our lives out, the less we are able to see God's will for us as it is a changing, growing journey with no end.  The more we plan, the more frustration we have when things don't go the way we wanted them to, and that makes it even harder to see Him at work, and almost impossible to enjoy the journey.

That's where A1V is at the moment.  Breathing and patiently waiting.  It's funny, something like this starts out with such big plans, huge commitment, and such an inner drive and desire to see it come together.  It's been 2+ years, now, and we are in a sort of holding pattern.  I have no doubt, the whole thing is going to happen, and it's going to be amazing.  We just have to be patient and watch for the pieces fall into place.

Here's my prediction for your day:  It will not all go as planned. 

Smile about it.  

Then, give God a thank you for knowing more about how your life will play out than you do.

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