Friday, November 22, 2013

DVD Cover: Disney/Pixar - Toy Story Anthology

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So, this one is for one of our 3-year-old's favorite movie series.  We've watched these a few hundred times over the past year.  This is meant to be an anthology cover, despite parts of it not yet being released.  The Buzz Lightyear series has had a very limited release, and the Toons are actually on discs from other movies.  Hopefully they will come out someday.  This preview is for an 8-disc case:

As it happened, when I was looking for artwork, I stumbled across the image I used for the front of the cover.  It worked perfectly, as I was already planning on finding a picture of Buzz and Woody flying, and making it look like they were coming out of the cover.  After clipping the edges, and replacing the wingtips and hat brim, it was pretty well complete.

 Here is the 12-disc case I printed for our collection:
2-discs for each of the first two movies, and 4 discs for the third.  Room for 4 more discs for the series and shorts, assuming they ever get released.

Hopefully I can put in some more time on some of the other covers soon.  I'd like to make one for Cars next, then move on to some of the others.

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