Tuesday, February 25, 2014

A1V Devotional: Getting in Line

(Repost from 12/7/2011)

How many times do we allow our spirits to get lethargic? I know that over the past few weeks, I let mine slip into laziness in a pretty bad way. Not through anything deliberate, of course, but just through simple neglect. It's easy to do, and we've all done it.

What got in my way? Renovating a bathroom, TV, facebook, junk food, and many other things. Just various distractions. None of those things had to cause it, but through my busyness, I allowed myself to become tired and worn out. I let that keep me from being active in my walk with Christ. How many of us fall into that trap?

Once we allow our spirits to become weak, we start a long, downhill slide. Until we manage to grab on to something (Christ, of course) and stop sliding, we will just keep going.

The hard part is making that first grab, and really holding on. As soon as we try to get out, that weariness kicks it into high gear. Every excuse for delay and neglect comes flowing through our minds, willing us to stay caught up in what usually has become our own self-pity.

Once we reach that point, our prayers become pretty repetitive. Something along the lines of "Help, I can't do it. I can't even pray... Hello? Can you still hear me? Why aren't you answering?"

Today, I started that part of the decline. But, something was different. As that prayer, which (from the start) was lacking conviction, started flowing, I stopped. I was suddenly hit with a realization that I already had what I needed to be rescued. I realized anew that I carried a piece of Christ's spirit right here inside of me. With that comes a direct link to his understanding, will and love. Suddenly, I had new strength. When Christ revealed that to me, I was able to completely skip all the hopelessness and depression that would normally follow the decline. It was as though my spirit suddenly leapt into His arms.

The really great part of all this was that I realized that we all, every child of Christ, carry that bond. We don't have to wander aimlessly, especially when we think we've lost our way. All we have to do is make the smallest effort, with the smallest grain of faith behind it, to tell our own spirit to get off its butt, and get in line behind Christ!

Lord, I make a choice, here and now, to stand on the promises You made in Your word; to stand in certainty and confidence on the work You have already done and continue to do in my life. I now make a conscious move of my will, as weak as it may be, to align my spirit with Yours and choose, yet again, a life of service in You. Lord, open doors and give me opportunities to serve You, in every aspect of my life. Plant in me the seeds of wisdom and discernment and a thirst for You and Your word that I have never felt before. Help me to be a blessing to those around me, to lift others up rather than tear them down, and always keep my eyes set on you. Amen.

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