Wednesday, February 26, 2014

A1V Devotional: Hard Lessons

(Repost from 2/17/2012)

There have been several songs on Christian radio in the past year that show a lot of wisdom in how we should look at the trials we go through.

"what if your healing comes through tears" - Laura Story
"I will rise. Out of these ashes, rise." - Shawn McDonald
"I find you when I fall apart." - Josh Wilson

Those are lyrics from just a few of the songs, but there are several more. What wonderful lessons we can take from adopting that perspective!

Lately, I've had trouble getting busy. It's become really easy to just sit. (Sound familiar? I seem to go through pretty regular cycles of this...)

I've been praying about it, and I definitely got my answer: a trial. Something will go wrong or unexpectedly, and I just get bogged down in worry, stress and anxiety, until I can finally let it go.

But talk about a blessing in disguise! Walking through this was exactly what I needed to get my spirit charged up. Christ put me in a position where I couldn't get through it without him, and while that was frustrating at the time, it was exactly what I needed. I spent more time reading my Bible, praying, and worshipping. Now, I'm in a place where I feel closer to Him than I have in months, and all because He knew what I needed was not the same as what I wanted.

It is so easy to fall out of the good habits we set for ourselves, and take on bad ones. Sometimes what we need is a trial to get us back on track.

Lord, I'm thankful. I'm thankful for the salvation You have provided, for my family and friends, for my job, and all the other coutless blessings You have sent my way. And I'm thankful for the tests and trials, even though I don't feel that way at the time, that You have used to get me back on track. Lord, align my will to Yours, and help me to keep the good habits You have shown me through this. If I start to slip, help me to realize it without delay, that I would be able to stand firm in You.

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