Monday, February 24, 2014

A1V Devotional: Trust

(I spent some time looking back over the A1V facebook page, reading some of the old devotionals I put on there.  This was the first one.  Repost from 11/4/11)

One of the most valuable lessons the Lord has been teaching me over the past few months is simply to trust Him. We are constantly bombarded with problems upon problems, doubts and uncertainty about our role in the grand scheme of things. The solution and very direct path to victory is always simply to trust Him! If we truly turn over our doubts and fears to Him, He starts making a change in us, right there, on the spot. The situation we are stressing about may not change overnight, but it doesn't have to. He will equip us to handle it appropriately until the time that it does change. All we have to do is truly open our hearts to Him, let him know we are willing to do whatever He wants us to, to further His goals for our lives, and we can find immediate relief.

Peter catches a lot of flack for his hasty attitude. He puts his foot in his mouth constantly, gets himself in trouble, even denies knowing Christ. He is so much like us in this life, that it's just not even funny. When he started walking to Christ on the water, the main lesson we get is that just keeping our eyes on Christ can help us accomplish even the impossible. We draw a valuable lesson from his momentary doubt, and how he began to sink. But we also find something commendable in Peter's weakness. He knew exactly what he needed to do to find rescue. As soon as he started to sink, he cried out "Lord, save me!" Did Christ delay in his rescue? Nope. Immediately, He reached down and pulled Peter up out of the waters of his own doubt. How many times to we allow our problems to overshadow our ability to seek Christ in any situation? We can pray anywhere, but in the midst of difficulty we find ourselves constantly delaying. "I'll just take care of this first, then I'll take some time to pray." "Just one more email to type." "I'm almost home, then I can pray." Why put off what you can take care of in mere moments? Stop working, driving, watching TV, or whatever you are doing and take a moment to turn your problems over to Him. He's faithful to answer. He always does!

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