Monday, February 24, 2014

HWYSD: Solve the National Debt

So, yeah, there are tons of plans for this.  Let's start with something new: basic financial education. 

Obviously, members of government aren't looking for people to tell them what to do, so, we take a leaf out of the tobacco industry's book and hook them while they're young, before they even become members of the government.

Here's What You Should Do:

Start a required class in high school called Financial Responsibility.  (That's more optimistic than what it really should be called right now: Debt Management.  Right?)

Sophomore year, it has to do with personal and family finances.  Junior year, business finances.  Senior year, governmental, starting with city/county and working up to national.

This way, in 20-30 years or so, most members of the government would at least have had some educational backing in finances.

America, you're welcome.

You know what?  Until such a time as this would take place, as any change to the educational system would take a century to get done, let's all agree that we will force our kids to take classes on it, just to get a jump on things.  Sound good?

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