Thursday, February 20, 2014


We've been trying to find easy lunch items that I can just grab on my way out the door when the morning has gone sideways on me and I leave in a hurry.  This was one of those attempts: Campbell's Chunky Mushroom Swiss Burger (soup).

While Mushroom Swiss Burgers are, without doubt, my favorite breed of burger, this soup is disappointing.  It's just one of those food ideas that sounds brilliant, but misses the mark.  It tastes just like every other creamy beef soup they make.  One highlight was the bland, spongy meat that I could actually hear deflating as I squished it between my teeth...and could hear reinflating a bit as I lifted pressure for another chew.  That was memorable.

I think my favorite part is that we are still gullible enough that it is worth a company's effort to put stripes on the chunks of "burger" to make them look "grilled."  If fact, on closer inspection of the label, you can actually see, quite clearly, that the meat is not grilled, but striped.  At least they are honest about it.
So, I dig through my desk for an alternative, and it's Spaghettios to the rescue!  Don't judge me.  I know exactly how they will taste before even opening the can.  It's an old childhood classic, for me.

Here's What You Should Do:

Don't buy products where you can see striped meat on the packaging.

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