Friday, February 21, 2014

The Great Saunders Health Quest - Day (-8)

It's no secret that I could stand to lose a few pounds...and by a few, I mean 60+.

Sadly, I am horrible at motivating myself.  Enter a visit to the doctor.

My wife has been bugging me for, I kid you not, the past 9 years about going to the doctor for this issue.  It's GI related.  We'll leave it at that.  I made her work for it, though.  9 long years of nagging me about it.  That's her punishment for bugging me.  When I finally conceded to go in, I told her to let it be a lesson to's not worth the effort it takes to nag me, I'll do it when I'm ready.  She disagreed and told me to let it be a lesson to me that I should just do what she says sooner.  Clearly, she's the one in the right, since my punishment for making her nag me for 9 years is a colonoscopy.

So, one stool sample, a visit with my doc, and two vials of blood later, we might have something to deal with: a fatty liver.  I've got extra liver enzymes, high bilirubin, and a couple of other numbers that aren't where they need to be.  They all relate to the liver, and seem to point to me having non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.

Like I didn't have my own body image problems, now my liver is going to feel fat, too.

Here's What You I Should Do:
Lose the weight.

The treatment for a fatty liver?  Weight loss.  Score.

Honestly, I've prayed for motivation to lose weight.  It shouldn't have had to come in the form of a vital organ acting up on me, but it's still an answered prayer.  I've definitely got motivation now.  Something that can contribute to a fatty liver?  Corn syrup.  I am actually looking forward to my last Dr. Pepper, which, despite my intense love for it, I am more than happy to give up for my health.

The last time I was in shape was 10th grade.  I played soccer, and that year, was in better shape than anyone on my team.  I was running trails on Hot Springs mountain twice a week, running about 5 ten-minute-miles each time, and having soccer practice a couple of times a week. Then, I stopped playing and got a job.

Since then:
-I gained the obligatory 20 in college.
-I married a woman who can cook just about anything...while she had a job that gave her lots of free time...working a room away from our kitchen.  Seriously, we had treats you wouldn't believe.  You know that scene in The Incredibles, where Mr. Incredible comes home late at night, and sees one huge slice of cake left, and just nonchalantly picks it up and starts eating it as he heads toward bed...that was me.  It's not her fault at all.  I love food, and eat more of it than I should.  Plain and simple.
-I worked a miserable job for 8 months, and found solace in eating out...very frequently.  I gained a lot of weight that year.
-I got a desk job, and continued to slowly gain my way to 230 pounds.

At 230 pounds, with two kids, and a full-time job, exercise is hard to manage.
-Get up early and exercise = Spend the entire day in a dazed stupor of sleepiness.
-Exercise during a 1-hour lunch = Spend over an hour just trying to stop sweating afterward.
-After work?  Family time.
-After the kids are in bed?  Some TV time with my wife, and various responsibilities before bed.
There.  All my reasons excuses in a nice, neat, little list.  Don't worry, I recognize that they are excuses, and my goal is to dash them to pieces.

I'm waiting until all the other fun stuff the doc has planned for me is finished up.  I'm scheduled for the ultrasound of my liver next Wednesday, and I'm actually interested in seeing that.  The week after, an appointment with a GI doctor, which is likely to result in scheduling the colonoscopy.  Yipee.  Once all of that is done, major lifestyle changes are coming.

My wife thinks I'm just waiting so I can have one last hurrah of enjoying food I shouldn't be eating, but that's not why I'm waiting.  Granted, it is a perk, but I truly do want to know for sure what is wrong with me before I change what I'm eating.  I'm actually excited to start the diet.

My wife is awesome, and will be joining me in this journey.  She's already thinking of ways we can eat better, and she's an awesome cook, so I'm looking forward to what she comes up with.

Pray for us.  This won't be easy.

As added incentive for us to keep on top of everything, I'm going to be adding updates on how it's going to the blog.  I'm thinking a heavy dose of transparency through the process will be a good motivator.  A scorecard will accompany each update:

Current weight:  (By the doc's scale, fully clothed last week) 238
Pounds lost: 0
Waist: 38-40
Gut: ...overhanging
Attitude: Optimistic and Excited
Desire for sugar: Sated...repeatedly.  (The diet hasn't started yet.)
Meals of note: Cici's for lunch Wednesday.  (Again, the diet hasn't started.)
Activity level: Sloth-like
Cheats: (Seriously, the diet hasn't started.)

I don't plan on cheating more than once a week, but I'm throwing that category on there so I can put a big fat "NONE" in the blank for further motivation.  The categories will likely change a bit as we go.  If you can think of any that should be on there, please send me a suggestion.

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  1. But you did not eat a tremendous amount at Cici's like your overweight father did :)