Friday, February 28, 2014

The Great Saunders Health Quest - Day (-1)

Well, tomorrow's the big day.  I'll be eating CiCi's at lunch, then it's diet time.

I'm excited, actually.  I've been needing to make a change like this for years, but just couldn't get myself to do it. 

I had my ultrasound Wednesday morning, and it did confirm a fatty liver.  I'm thankful to God that it's not something more serious; although, left unchecked, it could become something serious.

As far as specifics on a diet go, there really isn't anything to go on.  I could submit to the Great and Powerful Google, but if I did, I fear there would be nothing left for me to eat.  There are hundreds of different ones.  The doctor didn't give me anything specific, just diet and exercise, so we'll be coming up with it as we go.  Here's my plan, at least until I've lost a substantial amount of weight:
 - no Cokes of any kind (because I'm southern, and there are hundreds of different kinds of Coke)
 - no sweets
 - no buffets
 - no fried foods
 - one cheat meal a week (which must follow the above guidelines)
 - more veggies
 - less meat
 - much less bread
 - smaller portions
 - a whole lot more water

Nothing extreme about the diet.  One contributing factor of a fatty liver can be rapid weight loss, so I can't do anything crazy, anyway.  The biggest change will be all those wonderful bubbly drinks I love so.
Farewell, old friend.  It's been fun.

As far as the exercise part goes, it's really quite simple: do some. I thought about joining a gym, then I remembered the 25 acres we live on that constantly needs attention, and decided I'll get more exercise just doing the work that already exists around the house.  We use the fireplace all winter, so there will be lots of firewood chopping in my future.  I'm also thinking about making some walking/running trails in the woods around the house, which will be beneficial once done, and in the process of creating them.

All in all, this should be quite the adventure.

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