Friday, March 7, 2014

Health Quest - Day 5

Happy news today.  I went to the GI doctor, and when the girl at the front desk asked me my spring break plans, I told her I had big ones: getting a colonoscopy...yay, me.  Hopefully that all goes well.

It wasn't a great day, due to this cold that seems to have gone around the whole city over the past 4 days, but I managed.  I even got some writing done tonight.

Breakfast: a fried egg and turkey on a slice of bread, small glass of milk, water and Sudafed
Lunch: vegetable beef soup, almonds, water
Dinner: vegetable beef soup, water
Snacks: more almonds

Current weight:  225
Pounds lost: 5
Waist: 38-40
Attitude: Aggravated
Desire for sugar: Very low
Craving: Pizza
Activity level: Snailish (still recovering from the cold)
Cheats: NONE

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