Sunday, March 9, 2014

Health Quest - Week 1

Well, the first week of the health quest is over, and with it, the daily diet blog.  I'm going to switch to a weekly from here on out, unless something interesting comes up over the week.  I've been using MyFitnessPal to track all my meals and everything, anyway.  Doing both was too much.

The past week has been an experience, but not one that I've minded.  After the first couple of days, it was easy to avoid almost everything I'm trying to stay away from.  7 pounds lost in a week?  Yeah, I'll take that.  I know it will slow now, and exercise is going to be added within the next few days, but I'm pretty happy...despite those facts.

We did have a cheat meal last night which was fantastic.  Steak...mushrooms...potatoes...even dessert!  It was great.  However, after leaving, I felt weird having eaten as much as I did.  We ate well, but didn't binge eat.  Still, it just felt like it was too much.  I guess once you get into the swing of eating so much less, it really sticks with you.

Dr. Pepper, being my biggest weakness, has actually not been a problem to avoid.  I guess it's just because this time around, I've got a lot more commitment to the diet.  The fatty liver really made me take it all more seriously.  As far as other health issues go, I get to go in next week for a colonoscopy, which I'm just thrilled about.  Hopefully, it all goes well.

Days in: 8
Current weight:  223
Pounds lost: 7
Waist: 38-40
Attitude: Enthused
Desire for sugar: Very low
Craving: None (last night was cheat night)
Activity level: moderate
Cheats: Longhorn Steakhouse...that should say enough

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