Wednesday, March 5, 2014

The Great Saunders Health Quest - Day 3

Today has gone fairly well.  In fact, had the 1 year old not started screeching in the middle of the night for the billionth night in a row, I think I'd feel fantastic.

Yes, I crave something sweet.  It didn't help that one of my coworkers left these on the breakroom table this morning.  All weekend long, I've wanted an apple fritter...or donut...or cookie...or candy.  Still, I didn't take the bait.  I took a big sniff of them, though, which may or may not have helped my cravings pass at the time.  They smelled delicious.


Breakfast: a fried egg and ham sandwich with just a touch of light Miracle Whip and a small glass of milk.
Lunch: Tilapia (lightly breaded and seared in oil), corn, brocolli and water
Dinner: Vegetable beef soup, two pieces of toast, water
Snacks: a banana

Current weight:  227
Pounds lost: 3
Waist: 38-40
Attitude: Enthusiastic
Desire for sugar: Moderate
Craving: Donuts.  Specifically, apple fritters.
Activity level: Lowish
Cheats: NONE

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