Friday, March 14, 2014

The Great Saunders Health Quest - Week 2

Wow, another week has already (almost) gone by since we started this.  Time really does fly by.

This week was a bit harder for me than the last.  When that drive to succeed is still fresh, it is just that much easier to avoid everything you've set your mind on avoiding.

My theory that smelling the donuts would help sate my cravings for them was a resounding success...last week.  This week, a kind patient brought a box from Daylight Donuts to the office, which excited me, and I went to get my fix, took the box up, opened the lid and found myself staring into the face of 3 dozen donut holes...which is apparently a much more tempting cheat for me.  I was all ready to go with my big sniff of their fried sugary wonderfulness and go about my business, but my breath literally caught in my throat when I saw them.  They just look so very harmless...  Fear not, I resisted.

I went for a hike the other day, which I'm going to turn into a regular activity.  Jeremy and I hiked up the Balanced Rock Trail downtown.  It was great...and very steep for half a mile...but mostly just great.

Ten pounds...get it?

I've lost 10 pounds so far, and Sandra has lost 13.  It's going very well.  I was really excited when I had to start tightening up one notch on my belt at the beginning of the week, which really drove it home that we are being successful.  We decided to make a competition out of it (thanks to some "branstorming via text" with Kristal).  Whoever loses the most each week gets  to pick where we go for our cheat meal.  That should give a little more motivation to us.

I now remember why I quite drinking sodas the last two times.  I almost never yawn.  I was drinking about 3 big Dr. Peppers a day, and spent my entire day feeling tired.  I was in a perpetual state of sugar crash, with no relief.  Now, I wake up and actually feel awake (unless waking is caused by the kids), and stay that way until mid afternoon when I start feeling a bit tired and antsy at work.   Still sticking to my guns on not drinking any, even on cheat night, until I've lost at least 60 pounds.  (That goes for fried foods as well.)

Tonight is cheat night...I think there may be some cheese dip in my future...

Days in: 13
Current weight:  220
Pounds lost: 10
Waist: 38
Attitude: Enthused
Desire for sugar: Nonexistent...except in the face of donuts
Craving: Burger and Fries
Activity level: moderate
Cheats: NONE

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