Wednesday, April 9, 2014

20 Down, 40 to Go!

Well, guess where we are at on our diets:

That's right, we've both crossed the 20 pound line.  We are very happy.  Considering we are less than a month and a half into it, it's going faster than expected.  I think we should celebrate with mountains of pizza and gallons of milk shakes!  Kidding...although I wouldn't turn away a slice.

At work, I had to go into the gym and lift one of these, just to really process how much weight I've actually lost.  It's substantial, but doesn't feel like that much when I'm walking around.
The diet has become much easier, and I'm not having to constantly remind myself not to eat things I don't need, which is wonderful.  I've even been able to flex a bit on my rules, because I'm actually able to control how much I eat, and even compensate for it in a later meal if I eat something unexpected.

Exercise still has not become a routine.  In fact, the only actual deliberate exercise I've had is a 3-mile hike I went on a few weeks ago.  It's amazing how much I've lost just from changing how I eat.  I did get to spend 3 and a half hours using a chainsaw last Friday, which I could still feel some pain from last night, so I have been more active than usual.  It just seems to be next to impossible to fit exercise into my schedule, so it's a good thing the diet is working so well for now.  Hopefully, once I've lost a bit more, I'll find it easier to get up early and get in some exercise before getting ready.  

As it is now, everything is easier.  I'm not tired all the time.  I don't start yawning until around 3 or 4pm, as opposed to 10am.  I've got more energy.  Sitting around for too long makes me want to get up, instead of melt into a comfy chair.

All in all, things are going great.  I'm not sure how many years its been since I was under 210, and it sure feels good.  I'm almost on the last hole in my belt, and I need new pants.  I realized that I can only tighten my belt for so long before they start to look like parachute pants.

Let me give another plug to MyFitnessPal.  Their app has been a huge help to both of us.

Start Date: 3/2/14
Days in: 38
Current weight:  209
Pounds lost: 21
Waist: Needs new pants!
Attitude: Thrilled
Desire for sugar: Intermittent, sated occasionally with various healthy-ish snacks (cinnamon toast, raisins, fruit)
Craving: both quantity and variety
Activity level: low-moderate
Cheats: I snuck a Teddy Graham last night.  Shame on me.

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