Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The Great Saunders Health Quest - Week 4.5

I heard the sound of someone opening a Dr. Pepper the other day.  It did not have a positive effect on me.  I've been wanting one ever since.  There's another box of donuts in the breakroom, today.  They smell amazing.  In short, temptation is everywhere, and I'm noticing it more and more.

Fear not, we're staying strong.  The diet is still on track.  We are still learning to control ourselves during cheat meals, but, aside from that, it's gotten pretty easy.  Most days I tend to spread my meals out into 5 smaller meals.  I'm still lacking exercise, though.  I have so much trouble fitting it into my routine.  I just have to find a way.

We did decide to flex one of the rules we set for the diet: no buffets on cheat night.  We decided that, as long as we still eat a reasonably small quantity, it's ok to hit the Chinese buffets on those nights.  We love Chinese food.  We'd rather eat a variety of small portions than have a heaping pile of food brought to us from the menu.

Nothing dramatic to report, this week.  No anesthesia, brag-worthy cheat meals, or anything.  I guess it's a slow news week all around.  (Isn't it time to move on from that missing airplane?)
Days in: 31
Current weight:  214
Pounds lost: 16
Waist: 38
Attitude: Restless
Desire for sugar: Strong
Craving: Burger and Fries
Activity level: low
Cheats: NONE

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