Friday, May 2, 2014

A1V: Revived!

I know!  It's been a while, right?

Let me tell you a little story.  It's a story about a boy.  You see, this boy was constantly wondering what God had in store for him.  He had dreams.  Oh, did he dream.  He believed there was something more waiting for him, and so, he walked several paths, often believing he was on the one intended for him, only to have them fall apart in one way or another.  He spent years wondering at what point he stepped off of the path he was really meant to take by the One directing his steps.

Eventually, amid heartache and frustration, he was granted wisdom regarding his plight, and realized that all those paths were the right paths for him.  He realized that, without these paths he believed to be mistakes, he would never become the man he was being shaped into.  After all, the smoothest stone would be nothing without the waves that shaped it.

He prayed, hoping some grand scheme would be revealed, and he would have a destination in mind for his steps to walk toward without distraction.  And so, the Lord gave him one.  He gave him a vision of an amazing event that would help to unite His people in worship, an event that would remind His people that they are not alone in their small congregation of believers, but are a tiny fraction of an impossibly large group who are on the same path.  Far more than a small group of friends gathered in the same room: a family. A family of millions.  A family spanning the globe.  A family desperate for a reunion.  A family that, despite differing views on trivial matters, needed to be reminded of what they agree wholeheartedly on: their faith in His Son who gave His life that they might know Him.  Thus, the boy began the work needed to arrange such an event.

Calls were made.  Discussions held.  Websites created.  Devotionals written.  Then, the unthinkable happened: it fell apart.  The boy was astounded.  How could such an amazing opportunity, an opportunity given by God, designed to unite His people, be of such little interest? 

After many months of confusion and frustration, he was granted further wisdom.  He had always known that God's plan would be complicated, that it would involve thousands of tiny events that all contributed to it, yet he failed to remember that.  So, the Lord educated him.  He gave the boy the goal, gave him the reigns, and allowed the boy to strive toward it.  And, after a time, the boy again understood.  When given the destination, he tried to skip the journey.

Thus, here we are.  It's been about a year since I touched As One Voice, and that's okay.  It wasn't time.  I didn't have it right.  I made it way to complicated for people to be interested.

Here's the new plan:  Instead of trying to begin at the end, we'll start at a beginning.  I know, it's surprisingly simple, isn't it?  We're dropping the plans for radio, for internet, for all the things that may come with time, and starting someplace easy.  All we're going to do is ask every church that is willing to sing the same set of songs on a Sunday morning.  That's it.  We're just going to see how many people we can get to sing together, as one voice, despite how far apart they may be.  One message, one body, one voice.  Hey, that sounds like it might be a slogan.

Look for a website redesign in the future, updating the plans and song list.  And, please, be in prayer.  We need this.  God's people need to remember we aren't alone.  We stand as the largest group of believers world-wide, and it's time we were reminded of that.

In Christ,

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