Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The Great Saunders Health Quest - Week 10

That's right, I'm finally below 200.  I really can't remember how long ago I broke into the 200 pound range, but it has been several years.  (And I better say it now, since cheat night for this week is tonight...)

I've lost just over 30 pounds, now.  I feel great.
What have I noticed?
- Other than some mild allergy issues lately, I'm rarely tired until the end of the day.
- I'd almost forgotten I had an adam's apple.  It's been peeking out occasionally, now.
- I no longer feel the need to just sit when I get home.  I've actually got the energy necessary for playing with the kids...which seems to result in wrestling more than anything.
- A three-year-old jumping onto your back can be quite painful.
- His one-year-old brother learns by example...

The past week hasn't been an easy one.  For some reason, the desire to sneak bites of things was very persuasive.  But, this is the half-way mark for my initial goal of losing 60 pounds, so I couldn't be happier!

Start Date: 3/2/14
Days in: 72
Current weight:  198
Pounds lost: 32
Waist: 36
Attitude: Thrilled
Activity level: low-moderate

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