Monday, June 23, 2014

The Great Saunders Health Quest - Week 17

I didn't realize how long it had been since I posted.  Shame on me.

40 pounds down!  I'm pretty sure this puts me back to my weight when we got married, or at least soon after.  I'm also back to 34 inch pants, which I haven't been in since college.  Oh, this happened:

That felt good...not for the belt.

Eating so much lighter has become almost routine for us.  Well, that was until myfitnesspal cut me down to 1300 calories a day on non-exercise days.  I'm amazed how quickly they can add up.

Especially on Father's Day...I did not stay within the 1300.

Two weeks ago, I started jogging on my lunch breaks three days a week.  It's been interesting.  After the first day, I was sore from my ankles to my shoulders.  Seriously.  I've pressed on, though.  Actually, today I jogged a full mile before needing to walk.  I think the last time I jogged that far I was still in high school.

I ordered the above shirt from to jog in.  It just seems so very appropriate.

I still have 20 pounds to go to meet my initial goal of 170, though my doctor says 175 would be where I need to be.  I'm sticking with mine.

Start Date: 3/2/14
Days in: 120
Current weight:  189
Pounds lost: 41
Waist: 34
Attitude: stubborn
Activity level: eh, pretty good

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